MEPF attended the MENORCA MILLENIALS “SuMMer SuMMit” –

The Menorca Preservation Fund attended the first “SuMMer SuMMit” of MENORCA MILLENIALS. The event was a get-together with entrepreneurial and sustainable minded people to discuss deceleration and sustainability. MEPF was one of the three sustainable projects invited to explain its work in supporting environmental protection along with Native Hotels and MMARTINYCA.

In a summit where sustainability, deceleration and technology on the Island were the core issues explored the MEPF is proud to have been selected to explain its work for supporting local environmental initiatives framed in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The MEPF celebrates that initiatives regarding deceleration so needed like the Summer Summit are hold in our island and is keen to contribute to explore these paths in the future.

Menorca Millennials is The World’s First Startup Decelerator, an international organization working to promote Global Sustainable Startups through a yearly program held at Menorca

SuMMer SuMMit

Menorca info reports of the MPF in the SuMMer SuMMit: