PROJECT MENORCA in the international and local media

“Given its UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status, the immediate impact of the MEPF, and the proposed initiatives to be funded by Blue Marine and Sunseeker, Menorca will become the poster child for how government, the private sector and responsible corporations can all work together to secure the island’s future prosperity and ecology for future generations.”

Explains George R. Anson, chairman of Menorca Preservation Fund

PROJECT MENORCA in the media


What has been said about PROJECT MENORCA in the specialized press?

Sunseeker and Blue Marine Foundation collaborate for ‘Project Menorca’. A new initiative hopes to improve and protect the island’s marine environment…Rachel Rowney.09 Aug 2018. Read the article

“Crucially, ‘Project Menorca’ will work with organisations and support partners who are established on the island, meaning that local issues are effectively addressed. Sustainable fishing practices are one of the key areas that the project is supporting, working with local fisherman to find alternatives to plastic bag use, as well as working on initiatives to remove plastic waste and abandoned fishing nets. Further, the project has developed relationships with the island’s 150 fishermen to create a ‘code of conduct’, which outlines a guide for responsible commercial fishing. They also hope this extends to those registered as ‘recreational’ fishermen, who often carry out unsustainable fishing practices.”The BLUE team has also encouraged the use of ‘eco-moorings’, which do not damage the seabeds (and wildlife that lives there). They hope these will be installed in the coming months and available to boats visiting the region to reserve and use.”

The Menorca Preservation Fund (MEPF) was formed and funded by a number of like-minded individuals who want to see this ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’ preserved for future generations.”

George R. Anson.