More #PROJECTMENORCA in the international and local media

Since Project Menorca was launched the media, both at local and international level, are doing a spreading the word about this marine conservation initiative in Menorca.


What has been said about PROJECT MENORCA in the specialized press?

Seeking healthier waters in Menorca and beyond. Dominique Afacan. 16 August 2018. Read this article. 


“Alongside efforts to grow the biosphere reserve, Project Menorca will also be focusing on sustainable fishing, single use plastic reduction, education and more. One of their initiatives is the development of a network of innovative ‘eco-moorings,’ which will protect seagrass beds and improve the environmental impact of tourism. There are also plans to introduce a ‘code of conduct’ to the island’s 150 fishermen, a model that Blue Marine has already had success with in Lyme Bay in England. “It’s hard to close down an entire area to fishing altogether but what you can do is encourage sustainable fishing,” explains Moore. “Creating marine protected areas and establishing methods of sustainable fishing usually go hand in hand.”

“The project has plenty more objectives besides, including the removal of plastic waste and harmful ‘ghost’ fishing nets from the water and the distribution of thousands of recyclable bags to local fishmongers.”


Radio Menorca has supported the Menorca Preservation Fund at the launch of #projectmenorca, the Sunseeker international, Blue Marine foundation and the Menorca Preservation Fund joint project, dedicating one programme to it.

This is what Hoy por hoy Menorca says about Project Menorca:

Our program is related to the sea.  The Menorca Preservation Fund is working Blue Marine Foundation and Sunseeker to develop on the island projects to support the marine environment preservation. We talk to fishermen, with the projects promoters, with the director of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency and more…

If you missed the programme you can listen to it in their app SER A la carta:… .

“When Rory came along and explained that they’d partnered with Sunseeker, that was amazing for us…” “…We had just identified a number of projects that needed to be worked on, so it was all perfect timing”

Rebecca Morris. Menorca Preservation Fund Director