COVID-19 Emergency Food Project

€5,000 awarded

Name of Project:

Decreasing vulnerability through local produce support for 1 month


Organisation requesting funding:

Sa Cooperativa del Camp (Farmers Cooperative)


Issue of Concern being addressed:

The vulnerability of both local farmers and vulnerable low-income families due to COVID-19 situation.


Value of Grant:                                                       



General project objective:                           

Provide local, fresh produce to 400 families for one month.


Project Overview:

The Farmers’ cooperative and Farmers and Co. have done an amazing amount of work over the last few weeks working to try and stop our local produce going to waste but also trying to ensure the local produce could reach private households through home delivery.

This has done very well but there is still a significant amount of excess produce (potato, fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat) which normally would have been sold to restaurants and hotels and which at the moment could potentially go to waste.

In addition to this, the Red Cross and Caritas (two local NGO’s) have registered a 25% increase in the number of vulnerable families identified that are in need of support in order to access to food. These charitable organisations are managing to cover the dry goods at present but have put out a call for fresh produce.

In order to address both of these problems, the Farmers’ Cooperative has been securing small amounts of funding to help purchase the food from our local farmers, in order to ensure their incomes and survival, and then donating food boxes to the two mentioned NGO’s, who in turn deliver a week’s supply food basket to each of the identified families.

With the funding to date they have been covering a number of families a week but they have calculated that with the Red Cross, of the 828 families they have registered, 400 are in the most vulnerable situation. This doesn’t include the families of the farmers from whom the products will be purchased but they of course will also benefit.


Project collaborations:

Local farmers, Farmers and Co, the Farmers’ Cooperative, and Artiem Hotels.

The cooperative has also had funding from Fundació Sa Nostra and Caixabank over the last couple of weeks and this may go on.



The cost of delivering these weekly baskets of fresh produce (potatoes, fruit, veg, meat and cheese) for one month is 105€ per family.

400 family’s x 105€per month= 42,000€

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