In 1994, after Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve, the Consorci de Residus Urbans I Energia (The consortium for Urban waste and Energy) was established. This was an unprecedented event on the island, because regardless of the political party in power, the eight municipalities of Menorca, along with the local Consell would join forces to take on the management of waste and therefore solve an ongoing issue on the island.

Much progress has been made since then, as at that moment each town had its own landfill where they either buried and/or burned the waste. This resulted in not only wasted resources but also significant damage being caused to the environment.  These days the island has an improved waste management model with advanced environmental principles which take into account both the island’s particularities and current European regulations.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done as at present only 38% of urban waste is separated at home and only 25% of plastics are recycled. The Menorca Preservation Fund will aim to support any local initiatives working within this area and in particular feel that there is a need for community awareness campaigns that highlight the problems and opportunities associated with the development of a sustainable waste management strategy for the island.

Local Identity grants

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  • PER LA MAR VIVA | Volunteer Pilot Project

    PER LA MAR VIVA – coastal cleaning project
  • PER LA MAR VIVA | Educational Project

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  • Isla Del Rey Foundation | Plastic-Free Project

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